Welcome to our Gymnastics Booster Club

The Evo Athletic Foundation Gymnastics Booster Club exists to promote and support the Sport of Gymnastics.

The Booster Clubs a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that is committed to providing support and development to the sport of gymnastics through our sponsorship of Evo Gymnastics boys and girls competitive teams. It is our mission to support our young athletes in pursuing their athletic and academic goals and dreams.

Evo Athletic Foundation Gymnastics Booster Club consists of all parents of competitive gymnastics team members of Evo Athletics.

Like our gymnasts and coaches, our Gymnastics Booster Club strives on giving the best effort possible. The Booster Club offers opportunities for parents to develop and share leadership, time management and organizational skills through a variety of committees.

Booster Club members engage on committees, events and fundraisers all year round. In this way, all members have a common interest in helping the Booster Club provide the best experience for our gymnastics team members.

Together we Build the Future for all our Young Athletes at Evo Athletics!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find information on how you can sponsor the team.
See the Sponsor Page for levels of support.
Contact us for more information on how you can get involved.
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